How you can help us

Shorashim was founded in 2000. The organization was established by volunteers whose goal was to bring some comfort to those who are less fortunate.

Shorashim has two large campaigns that occur twice a year, before the Passover and Rosh Hashanah holidays. During these times, Shorashim organizes packages that are filled with food, toys and flowers. The packages arrive to the doorsteps of homes, from the efforts of many volunteers who bring warmth and smiles to the holiday season.

Shorashim is focused on strengthening two communities: elderly people who are alone, and the Ethiopian community, which has many single-parent households that are in great distress. Shorashim decided it was unacceptable and must be brought to light that in Tel Aviv-Yafo, in a city that can, where all things are possible, that there exists a damaged community, which lives in silence and isolation.

We Decided to Listen

With the help of food donations, from large companies and private farmers, and monetary aid, provided by public and private organizations and by individuals, Shorashim distributes basic food staples, in addition to products suitable for the holidays.

In addition, we receive support from the supermarket chain AM PM, in collecting products and donations from suppliers.

Many volunteers arrange the food packages prior to distribution. On the day of distribution hundreds of volunteers bring their cars and deliver the packages to the homes of the needy. They bring the packages and in addition, flowers, but they also deliver a message of caring and compassion.

In Pesach 2013 we reached appr. 1,100 families in need.

With your help, we will be able to increase the number of packages to be sent for the upcoming holidays. Our volunteers speak of giving a small amount, but to those that are in need, every bit of help means the world. Every donation, however modest or great, helps us reach our goal of bringing warmth, care and the joy of the holidays to those who need it most.

Volunteer – and help us make this holiday season a brighter one.

Donations can be made by bank transfer to:

Shorashim Group

Discount Bank, Dizengoff 55 Tel Aviv, Israel
Branch 147, Account no. 198718


IBAN IL780111470000121732497

Account no. 198718

Please, when making a bank transfer, leave a note with your name and address or email address, so we'll be able to send you a receipt. Thanks

If you wish to donate online: