Collecting Food – AM PM

The chain escorts the process from beginning to end and is actually a full partner in the distribution operation:

The collaboration with the supermarket chain begins about 3 weeks before the holidays: then, the chain allocates carts with lists of products in the various branches, so that the customers of the chain can buy products for Shorashim Group and the chain makes sure the group receives the products that were accumulated.

On top of that, the chain mobilizes its employees for money or product donations and by helping the group when preparing the food packages.

In addition, the chain also donates its own products and products from various suppliers.

On the distribution day – the chain also aids us in distributing the food packages.

To volunteer to collect food in the various branches (not food packagaing) – please press here


It is important for us to note that we receive wholesale prices for everything we buy through the chain.

List of branches where you can donate:

Tel Aviv:

14 Even-Gvirol Street

74 Even-Gvirol Street

91 Even-Gvirol Street

136 Even-Gvirol Street

115 Allenby Street

49 Bugrashov Street (corner of Pinsker Street)

15 Brodetsky Street

30 Ben-Yehuda Street

61 Ben-Yehuda Street

195 Ben-Yehuda Street

136 Dizengoff Street

193 Dizengoff Street

Drive Store – 170 Derech Namir Street

9 Harugey HaMalhut, Ramat HaHayal

91 Hertzel Street – Florentin

30 Hashaked Street – Neve Monoson

15 Yedidia Frenkel Street

29 Y.L. Peretz Street

35 Itzhak Sade Street

Kolbo Shalom – 9 Ahad Haam Street

9 Lincoln Street

85 Nachalat Benyamin Street

10 Nachalat Itzhak Street

24 Solomon Street

2 Pinsker Street

24 King George Street

99 King George Street (corner of Zamenhof Street)

41 King Solomon Street

24 Shenkin Street

59 Shenkin Street

11 Jerusalem Boulevard – Jaffa

16 Sderot Yehudit Street

6 Vinshel Street, Neot Afeka


10 Sokolov Street

75 Itzhak Ben-Zvi Street – Herzliya Pituach


9 Haroe Street

44 Jabotinski Street

86 Jabotinski Street


58 Sokolov Street


129 Katznelson Street

27 Aliyat Hanoar Street


119 Ben-Gurion Street


Asaf Center – Asaf Harophe

Ness Ziona:

4 Shayetet Street

Hadar neighborhood

Hod HaSharon:

11 Sokolov Street